Office Information


Our office makes it easy for your child(ren) to receive dental care by offering our families many different payment options. 


We file dental insurance claims as a courtesy to our patients. Our primary focus is to provide the best possible dental care and we do that without participating with insurance companies.

By not participating with insurance plans, it enables us to:   

  • Offer no charge for an emergency exam for your child (provided your child has had their last check-up in our office, within the last 6 months). 
  • Provide your child with nitrous oxide (laughing gas), when appropriate/as needed, at no additional charge.
  • Take an additional/more frequent x-ray, as needed, without limitations imposed by the dental insurance company, at no additional charge.
  • Guarantee our cavity treatments for 5 years (provided your child comes to our office twice a year for their check-ups. If anything should happen to your child's crown/filling we will repair or replace it free of charge).  


  1. We will gladly fill out and submit claims to your insurance company. 
  2. We will wait for payment from the insurance company. (See additional information below regarding claims.)
  3. If there is a remaining balance after the insurance company submits payment, we will send you a statement. 
  4. Payment is due within 30 days of the statement. 
  • We accept cash, check, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and CareCredit®
  • We do not participate with any HMOs or Medical Assistance Plans. 
  • Please keep us informed of any insurance changes such as policy name, insurance company address, or a change of employment. 


For patients without dental insurance, we offer a Dental Savings Plan. In addition, we accept CareCredit®. We work with our patient families to create payment plans when necessary so that you are able to provide your child(ren) with a great dental experience and the highest quality of care. 


Insurance companies set their own fee schedule. The amount a dental insurance company reimburses is not controlled by us, the American Dental Association, or even federal or state guidelines. The usual, customary, or reasonable fee ("UCR") is set by each individual insurance company.

These allowable fees vary widely, from company to company, and even within plans of those companies. Often the company has different reimbursement amounts for the same exact procedure. One insurance company plan may pay 100% of a typical filling. While another plan from that very same company may pay as little as $20 for that same filling procedure.