Rock Painting Contest Summer 2021

Does your child like to explore outside? Do they like to paint? Does your child enjoy using their imagination, showing you things they discover and make?

When children participate in creative activities, at the same time they are enjoying the experience, they are developing essential skills. In expressing themselves creatively, your child learns new ways of thinking, and problem-solving. These skills also help build their confidence, which encourages them to continue learning.

This summer 2021 CDOT is hosting a rock painting contest.

1.) Have your child find a rock exploring outside.

2.) Paint it. Be Creative!

3.) Bring it to our office. (Parents, you can also submit photos of your child's painted rocks via our Facebook page.)

At the end of the summer, we will photograph each of the rocks, post the photos on our Facebook page, and voting will take place on Facebook. The winner receives a basket of awesome kid-friendly art & adventure supplies!